Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More of the "Markets are Marvelous" series...

I found some other photos of NYC markets which I'll share with you.

This is Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, which is now a tenant-run cooperative in the Public Markets system.

More pictures of Wallabout Market in Brooklyn, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, from the NYC Municipal Archives

"Old" Washington Market in Manhattan

This is Mulberry Street, on the Lower East Side 

Fruit sellers at an unspecified location

No updated photos to show you today of the renovations -- just some paint drying! But I also wanted to share an old postcard showing the Williamsburg Houses, a NYC Housing Authority development a few blocks from the market. It pre-dates a lot of the other projects, which were built after World War II to accommodate veterans returning home. Williamsburg Houses were actually built in the 1930s and have a distinctive Art Deco character -- they also predated the "bigger is better" philosophy of the newer developments, being much lower in scale and height. But there are a lot of buildings! I'm afraid that the image quality is poor, but you can see that the buildings cover at least 3 square blocks. They probably replaced "Old Law" tenement buildings.

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