Friday, March 2, 2012

A Busy Friday at Moore Street

Lots of happenings here today at the market.

The Department of Health featured squash at their weekly cooking demonstration and they had a nice audience trying samples.

HealthFirst continued their outreach to Medicare recipients -- they have been a supporter of the market since the beginning. Nemesio Ortiz, a BEDC board member and SVP at HealthFirst also paid us an unexpected visit (that's not him in the picture though).

Officers from the 90th Precinct, including Community Affairs Sergeant Roman were at the market office being trained in how to access footage of the new security cameras from the Internet - they are really pleased to have this resource. Betty Cooney from the Graham Avenue BID was here as well, along with one of her board members -- the BID paid for the cameras and installation, so we owe them thanks for that!

Work continued on the construction of the new stalls -- we're right on schedule for an April completion date. I'm getting several walk-ins a day inquiring about renting the spaces

Jonathan Boe, our prospective tilapia farmer and hydroponic gardener stopped by to update me on the progress of his project. He and partner Yemi will also work on the urban farm -- we are working with Project Green Thumb of the Parks department to get into the community garden program in time for spring cleanup and planting.


Finally, a snapshot of the bakers at Body & Soul Bakery, who fill the market with great smells from their vegan sweet and savory products -- catch them at the Union Square Greenmarket (They can't sell here at Moore Street under their Greenmarket contract!).


Heard that Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez stopped by this week to take a look at the progress of the renovations -- her funds will be used for Phase 2 of this project, starting in a few months.

That's all for this week!

Joan Bartolomeo
Moore Street Market

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