Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fundraising Event -- A Taste of Moore Street Market -- Thursday April 25, 2013

Please join us for an event to raise money to support BEDC's efforts at Moore Street Market!

On Thursday, April 25th, from 6-9 pm, we will be holding "A Taste of Moore Street Market -- La Marqueta de Williamsburg."

The event will be held, not at the market, but at The Green Building, located at the corner of Union and Bond Streets in Gowanus. This is a great old manufacturing mill building on the Gowanus Canal with soaring ceilings and great light.

Why not Moore Street as the location? It simply can't hold over 100 people without violating NYC Fire Department codes.

Expect food from our vendors, beer and sangria, a salsa band, and a lot of fun, all for $200/person.

Honorees include yours truly, BEDC board member Stuart Leffler and Congresswoman Velazquez and Councilwoman Reyna. We will also acknowledge all the great partners in the community who have helped make the revitalization of the market possible.

Keep watching this blog, BEDC blog (blog.bedc.com) and the Facebook pages for both BEDC and Moore Street Market for more information.

Hope you can join us!

Joan Bartolomeo
Moore Street Market

The Green Building
Interior of Green Building

Aquaponics Rules!!!

OKO Farms Aquaponics pilot project in the market is thriving! Yemi added a lot more tilapia last week and they are all getting along swimmingly (sorry- I couldn't resist)! A few karp made it in there for show. And a few of the tilapia look big enough for the dinner plate.

The kale, basil and mint are growing like weeds. Hopefully, in a few weeks, this all moves outdoors to the aquaponics farm at 104 Moore Street, where there will be a 500-gallon fish tank.


Friday, February 15, 2013

A Sunny Friday at the Market!

Arturo's Weekend Jewelry Sales -- Check out the Pushcarts!!

Arturo Rivera is here weekly, selling jewelry to suit every taste.

Woodhull Hospital conducts it semi-weekly breast cancer awareness program.

Norma of Las Gemelas making embroidered garment for the Feast of Candelaria
It's a bright, sunny, busy day at Moore Street. Come visit!

Joan Bartolomeo
Moore Street Market

Another FUN Arts In Bushwick event at Moore Street

Please join us on Staurday, February 23rd for an event for the entire family!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moore Street Facebook Page

Just an invitation to visit the Moore Street Market (La Marqueta de Williamsburg) page on Facebook.

The website was way too static, so all Moore Street updates will be posted to the Facebook page and/or this blog site.

Up and Coming Events

Moore Street Market is once again partnering with HealthFirst to bring several events to the Market. We have scheduled events for the following occasions and dates:

  • Easter -- maybe the Easter Bunny will be here! Saturday, March 30th
  • Mother's Day -- Saturday, May 11th
  • Father's Day -- Saturday, June 8th
  • 4th of July -- Saturday, July 6th -- maybe  a barbecue on the farm?
  • Back to School -- Saturday, August 23rd
  • Halloween -- to be coordinated with PS 257 Parade
  • Thanksgiving -- Saturday, November 23rd
  • Christmas -- Saturday, December 21st
Many of these events will be coordinated with community health screenings, so you get to have fun while keeping up your health needs!

Keep watching for more details! As always, we thank HealthFirst for their commitment to Moore Street!

AND, weather permitting, the farm clean-up will take place this Friday starting at 12 pm. Watch for the Parks Department logo for Project green Thumb to be posted! Thanks to Park Avenue Building Supply for helping us secure the initial building materials!

Sorry I've been out of touch for so long -- hope to share some good news about the commercial kitchen soon.

Joan Bartolomeo
Moore Street Market