Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Law & Order SVU to Film at Moore Street -- We hope!!

Waiting to hear back from the location manager for TV show Law & Order -- Special Victims Unit (SVU) -- they have been looking at the market as location shoot for one of their upcoming episodes.

If all goes well, they'll shoot a few scenes at the market on October 7th! Keep your fingers crossed -- great publicity for the market.

Also want to report that we have a few new vendors joining us in a few weeks:

  • WOW!, a candy store owned by two neighborhood residents (stall 27, conveniently located right across the street from PS 257!)
  • Eden's Organic Juices -- Stall 28, for fresh-squeezed juices and healthy smoothies, also owned by a neighborhood resident and his wife
  • The Pottery CafĂ© -- Stall 9. This store was in Park Slope for a number of years, but owner Evelyn Perez is coming back to the neighborhood she grew up in to offer pottery classes and hand-thrown pottery
We also welcome Haydee Cortes, who took over Latin American Barber Shop (Stall 17) and has already given it his personal touch, with bright new paint and mirrors.

We bid farewell to Luis Ocasio, whose wooden plaques and trinkets have been a staple in the market for the many years. Mr. Ocasio, who is also a minister, will concentrate his time on building his ministry.

And please don't forget to visit Torie's Treasures, Arturo Rivera's gift shop in Stall 16, and also The Rose Thrift Shop, owned by Noelia Vargas, in Stall 29. Noelia had a store on Varet Street for several years until the building was sold and she had to close, so we are pleased that she found a new home with us!

The Public Plaza project is rolling along -- hope to see some real progress over the next few weeks.

Joan Bartolomeo
Moore Street Market

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Great Article in Sunday, 9/1 NY Daily News

Reporter Rachel Wharton did a wonderful piece on the Moore Street Market in her recurring NY Daily News food series, "Eating Along The M Line." It features three of the food vendors in the Market -- American Coffee Shop, Delicias Tainas, and Ramonita's Restaurant.

The article has already brought some new shoppers into the market -- the three vendors reported new customers telling them that they came specifically because of the article! The other vendors also saw an uptick in business.

So many thanks to Rachel for highlighting Moore Street! The link to the full article is below.


Joan Bartolomeo
Moore Street Market