Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Catching up

Hi folks, a long time since I last posted. Lots going on.

The Humboldt Public Plaza project is finally starting! Amen and Hallelujah! It won't look like much of anything for a few months as they do the underground water and gas line work, but hopefully we'll see the outline of the plaza by the beginning of the summer.

The streets around the Market have been tied up with the filming of the TV show Bluebloods, which made everyone crazy -- they bring their own food from the craft trucks and then they take away all the parking spots! Still trying to figure out how all this TV and movie production is an economic boost to the city when they seem to spend $0 dollars locally.

Lots of progress on the Farm site -- the pit is dug for the fish pond and it's starting to look a like a work in progress.

And the mural project on the back wall of the market begins on April 20th, so the farm should be looking great by the middle of the summer! Thanks to Arts In Bushwick for their great partnership with the Market -- this mural project is being sponsored and supervised by a great team led by Lauren Smith. It will be painted by local kids, who worked with the artist to design it.

The Market is a ticket stop for Bushwick Open studios in May, so please stop by.

And please lend your support to "A Taste of Moore Street Market" fundraiser, which is being held on Thursday, April 25th from 6-9 pm at The Green Building on Union Street between Nevins and Bond Streets. There will be great food and music. Ticket price is $250, for a great cause! We are also honoring Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez and Councilwoman Diana Reyna for all their support with the Market.

Got shell shock from a construction estimate for the commercial kitchen construction -- over $300,000!!! So it's back to the drawing board for bids. This is taking way too long!

The final two pushcarts are being delivered today, thanks to Andrew from Turnstile Tours, who is picking them up for us!

SO we have Stalls to rent -- and we need you to spread the word that there is great affordable space for any aspiring entrepreneur who sells or makes an "agricultural" product. I am ready to do some good deals! Photos to follow later.

Joan Bartolomeo
Moore Street Market

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