Monday, January 7, 2013

Sneak Peek at Moore Street Farm

The Farm is Coming!!!

Here is a rendering of the Moore Street Farm -- we are so ready to get behind that fence and get some dirt under our fingernails! Over 30 local folks have signed on as "members."

The farm will have some ducks (they don't make any noise) for egg production, tanks for growing tilapia, some raised planting beds and a koi pond.

I'm also hoping that we can start diverting some of the food waste from the market vendors from the dumpster to the farm's composting bins (rodent proof of course).

When you add in the mural that will be going up in late Spring, the effect is going to be wonderful for Moore Street.

We'll keep you posted. And if you want to help out on the designated clean-out day, or offer to volunteer in general, just stop by the market and let us know.

Joan Bartolomeo
Moore Street Market

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