Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Update on Urban Farm Project at 104 Moore Street

So we presented the plans for the urban farm project to the Land Use Committee of Community Board One last week and we expected that the project would get a great reception. We were asking for a letter of support for the project that NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) had requested. So we were caught off guard by push back from two housing organizations that felt the lot was better used as a housing site.  We did our best to explain that the lot could be taken back by HPD if they decided to build housing there in the future, but one of the housing groups serving on the committee voted against our request for support.

Thanks to District Manager Gerald Esposito for trying to help us come to a rational conclusion and to Land Use Committee Chair Heather Roslund for keeping the discussion focused and balanced.

Yemi Amu and Jonathan Boe, the farmers we are working with, made a video about what local people think of 104 Moore St. sitting as a vacant lot and what they think of a garden coming. The link is here:

Bottom line, I think we'll get the letter, but with restrictions instituted by those two committee members.

I guess green space in this community is considered wasted space by some people.

Go figure!

Joan Bartolomeo

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